Dr. P.K. Agrawal

Dr. PK Agrawal is a reputed writer of Hindi Literature and English.He has published more than fifty five books including fifteen in English.Dr.Agrawal retired from West Bengal Government as Additional Chief Secretary and Commissioner General,Land Reforms in2010.Before that,he worked for more than ten years in Government of India as Director,Ganga Cleaning Project and Joint Secretary,Ministry of Home Affairs.

After retirement,Dr.Agrawal worked as Partner Khaitan and Company and head,real estate practice at New Delhi where he interacted with many private companies and groups. Thus, Dr.P.K.Agrawal has the practical experience how India Incorporation functions.

While working in Government,Dr.Agrawal worked for the land poor and distributed land to about half a million landless persons in West Bengal.He was invited to present his expertise by the World Bank in 2013.Dr.Agrawal extensively covers the cause of poor in his writings apart from presenting the Ramacharitmanas and Bhagwad Gita in the present day context.

Felicitation at Bundhelkhand University Jhansi

Dr. P. K. Agrawal is being felicitated at Bundhelkhand University Jhansi U.P. by Vice- Chancellor and Shri Govind Pandey, noted Hindi novelist for his contribution in Hindi literature .

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Book released by Swami Vijay Kaushal ji

Dr. Agrawal's book "Radha ki Pati-Krishna ke Nam" is being released by Swami Vijay Kaushal ji at Vrindavan in the presence of his wife Smt.Usha Agrawal.

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His contribution

Dr. P.K. Agrawal is speaking at Bundelkhand University regarding his contribution in Hindi Literature.

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Book released by Union Minister

The book "Land and Poverty Alleviation" by Dr.P.K.Agrawal is being released by Union Minister for Land Resources and Rural Development Shri Virender Singh in the presence of Secretaty, Deparment of Land Resources, Govt. of India.

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